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Can workout music make you feel less tired?

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Recently, writer Thomas Rogers spoke with author Don Campbell about his book entitled, “Healing at the Speed of Sound,” which is about the relationship between music and the brain.  Here’s a link to the article.

They touched upon how exercising while listening to music makes us feel less tired “because of our natural tendency to fall into a pattern.”  Interestingly, Campbell points out that repetitive work songs were important to the process of constructing the railroads, a process where teams of workers sometimes drove spikes with mallets in rhythmic sync.

Commenting on the book, Roger’s notes, “Fast-paced music actually has real effects on your ability to work out. In one 2009 study…college students biked faster or slower depending on what kind of music they were listening to — and it made it easier for them to push themselves.” 

Recently, PaceDJ has seen other articles like this one, which explain the science behind how workout music can influence our physical efforts.  How about you?  What workout music helps you perform your best when running, walking, or cycling?  Do you use workout music to set your pace?

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