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Back in September, ran an article about the research of Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a faculty member at the School of Sport and Education at Brunel University in West London, who researches relationships between exercise and music.  Here’s a link to the NPR article.

What was also very cool, was that a reader mentioned PaceDJ as a way to find workout music in your library based upon the BPM you choose!

In the article, NPR explains that Dr. Karageorghis’s research shows how music can help improve peoples’ exercise results, and that songs within a specific BPM range can be more effective than others, depending up on what exercise you are doing.

NPR points out Dr. Karageorghis’s research based belief that the music playing in the background in a gym “will reduce an exerciser’s perception of the effort they are expending by about 10 percent.”  According to Dr. Karageorghis, this is especially the case if the music being played is within a range between 125 BPM – 140BPM.

Team PaceDJ concurrs with Dr. Karageorghis!  We love to run to the tempo of our workout music, and couldn’t agree more with his assessment of the motivational power of music!  Now go get started! Start here to find BPMs for your workout music.

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