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Women’s Health Magazine Comments on The Best Workout Songs for Spinning

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What are the best workout songs for your spinning routine?  Thanks to researchers at Brunel University in London, you are one step closer to finding out!

Recently, Women’s Health Magazine ran this article entitled, “Workout Playlists: Spinning Songs,” which explained that “fast music inspires you to move.”  The article referenced a 2007 study by Costas Karageorghis, Ph.D., a professor sports psychology at Brunel University in London.

Karageorghis’s study noted that matching a running stride to a music tempo between 120-140 BPM was helpful to runners. Women’s Health Magazine notes that Karageorghis also pointed out that when cycling, “you’ll work up to 7% harder while grooving to music synched to your pedal stroke and not feel any more fatigued.” 

According to Karageorghis, the optimum pedal stroke for cycling ranges from 120 BPM for medium to high exertion to 140 BPM for higher intensity.  In case you’re used to counting pedal strokes in rotations/minute, this BPM range equals 60-70 RPM. 

Based upon this information , the best workout songs for spinning probably land up around 120-140 BPM, depending upon your fitness level.  Whenever PaceDJ rocks the spin class, which is about twice a week, he lands up spinning between 60-80 RPM.  This equates to 120-160 BPM.  When spinning at 120 BPM, PaceDJ usually is pushing heavier gears than when spinning at higher rates.

Here’s some information on about typical BPM zones for walking running and cycling that help you find the best workout songs.  Here is a link if you are interested in learning more about Costas Karageorghis’s research about workout music.

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