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So you say I can use my music to pace my workout? How does that work?

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Great question!   First of all, please check out FAQ page for more information to help you understand how you can pace yourself with music.

Aside from that, here’s the scoop.  When you do an activity with a regular step rate (like running, walking, cycling, snowboarding, etc), you take a certain number of steps per minute.  (In the case of snowboarding, I guess its “carves/minute).  Most people don’t really know how many steps/minute they take though, which is where PaceDJ can help.

This article by James Sundquist, explains generally the pace zones that are typical for running, walking, and cycling.  Check it out.

Here are my paces for different activities:

  • My quick walk is 130 steps/minute,
  • My up-tempo run run is about 160 steps/minute,
  • My cycle RPM range when on a spin cycle is between 70-120 RPM.

So, when I run, I set PaceDJ at 160BPM.  The app assembles a mix of songs from my device library that were recorded at 160BPM, which matches my running pace.  The mix keeps me on pace, even when I’m tired out towards the end of the run. 

Try it out!

-The Management

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