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PaceDJ launches for iPhone and iPod Touch!

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Pacing Technologies, LLC Press Release

PaceDJ, the music app that creates music mixes for a user’s optimum target exercise pace, launched today for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Pacing Technologies, LLC, an innovator in exercise pacing technology, released PaceDJ, a powerful exercise pacing application for iPhone and iPod Touch. PaceDJ provides energizing, customized music mixes based on the user’s target exercise pace. Using songs already on a user’s iPod or iPhone, the app allows users to synchronize their steps to the tempo of songs—and ultimately attain breakthrough fitness results.

San Diego, CA, June 30, 2011 – Pacing Technologies, LLC today, June 30, 2011, launched PaceDJ, a music application for iPhone and iPod Touch, which helps runners, walkers, and cyclists attain breakthrough fitness results by creating music mixes that help users synchronize their feet with the music they love.

PaceDJ works by determining the tempo of each song that is saved on a user’s iPhone or iPod Touch, based on its beats per minute (BPM).  The app then allows the user to set his or her target exercise pace, either in steps or rotations per minute. Next, the app creates customized pacing playlists drawn from the user’s iPhone or iPod Touch music library. The clincher is that these mixes are comprised of songs with BPMs that closely match the user’s target exercise pace. Ultimately, the user naturally synchronizes his or her steps with the song’s tempo. This can help runners, walkers, and cyclists maintain an optimum pace, while also being a powerful source of motivation.

When users first set up PaceDJ, the app instructs them to select their activity type (whether running, walking, or cycling). The app then uses the activity type to estimate what the user’s correct BPM is. Next, the app delivers an initial music mix, drawn from the music on their iPhone or iPod, which is in based on this pacing. After this setup process, users can easily increase or decrease the target pace, which then updates the music mix to meet the new target exercise pace.

PaceDJ also offers one-of-a-kind features that make the app extremely user-friendly. For one, the app prioritizes songs in mixes according to users’ preferences, based on whether users “like” or “dislike” songs they hear in the mix. Additionally, the app selects songs based upon an energy ranking, which deprioritizes lower energy songs unless a user “likes” them.

Finally, PaceDJ allows users to include songs at half the tempo and twice the tempo of their target exercise pace. This feature expands the number of songs that the app can choose from, which increases the variety of music mixes.

To learn more about PaceDJ, please visit https://www.pacedj.comPaceDJ is for sale at the Apple Apps Store for $4.99.

Pacing Technologies, LLC helps people achieve fitness goals by providing music pacing products that motivate and make exercise enjoyable. The company is based in San Diego, CA.  William Turner, founder of Pacing Technologies, LLC, enjoys running, cycling, and music and has experience developing new products and business opportunities in the consumer electronics industry. 

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