• The New York Times
    "There is a lot to like about this app, including its clear, good-looking interface and great in-app instructions."
  • Health magazine
    “Have a favorite running tune, but its tempo doesn't fit your workout? No problem. This app will speed up or slow down the song to match your target pace.”
  • Men's Health
    “Use the PaceDJ app to create a cardio mix of songs with tempos that range from 125 to 140 beats a minute. Then, when you lift, switch to a motivating playlist.”
  • RealSimple.com:
    "This clever app measures your pace and chooses songs with a similar beat per minute to keep you moving in tune with the music. That ought to put a little pep in your step!" (July 2012)
  • Apple App Store:
    "New and Noteworthy" Healthcare and Fitness App (July 2011)
  • Oxygen Women's Fitness
    Staff Blog: “Apps I’m Loving Now”
  • About.com
    5 Stars
  • AppScout
    "The interface is intuitive, so it's a snap to prioritize songs in mixes...“


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Real Users

Real PaceDJ users share their experiences.

PaceDJ totally motivates me to run faster and go farther.
- Sharon

PaceDJ is instant motivation for running. Once I had a boring run; now it's like I'm starring in my own music video.
- Matt

Awesome! The music keeps me on pace AND makes my workouts more fun!
- Beatrice

It's like you taught a stopwatch how to dance!
- Chad

When PaceDJ creates a custom-tempo mix for my workout, I can run faster and longer. Seriously.
- Amy

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