Notes about version update April 12, 2018

Hi folks! PaceDJ has a new update on the Apple App Store. We have expanded BPM shifting to a max range of +/- 30 BPM and also squashed some bugs.

Separately, we want to let you know that going forward PaceDJ will have a free and subscription tier. The free tier has ads that appear every few songs. You can dismiss them and continue using the app.

If you upgrade to subscription ($0.99/month), the ads go away and you can unlock interval training and the song “dislike” button. This will enable you to remove songs you don’t like from the playlist.

We understand that some folks may be disappointed by this change. Just to explain a bit, PaceDJ is a labor of love. We keep our costs as low as possible, but it can be expensive to maintain and improve the app. We’ve need to move to a model that generates a regular revenue stream.

Subscriptions will help us do this. We look forward to continuing to improve the app and help you attain your running goals!

Will Turner
PaceDJ Founder

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