Pacing Technologies, LLC launches PaceDJ Android Running App

PaceDJ Android Running App, iPhone Running App, and

Help Runners, Walkers and Cyclists Pace Workouts to Music


New apps and music discovery service help fitness enthusiasts find and purchase tunes based on their target pace or tempo


SAN DIEGO, June 5, 2012 – Building upon the successful launch of the PaceDJ app for the iPhone in July 2011, Pacing Technologies, LLC has expanded its offering with a music discovery service and an Android app. The PaceDJ product family is a patented system designed to help runners, walkers and cyclists synchronize their pace with the tempo of songs.


The PaceDJ iPhone and Android running apps build music mixes based on target pace or tempo, marked in steps-per-minute (rotations-per-minute for cyclists), using songs on a user’s iPhone or Android with matching tempos in beats-per minute (BPM). The apps can be used without the purchase of additional music when a user has exercise-appropriate songs already on their device. App users can shuffle and prioritize songs in mixes based on preference. Additionally, if users don’t know what BPM are best for running or walking, the apps’ newly included pedometer technology can measure pace automatically and also find music to match on


The new music discovery service enables fitness and music enthusiasts to find, purchase, and download songs with tempos that sync with their desired exercise pace or tempo. allows users to search for workout-inspired playlists, helps estimate target pace and recommends appropriate songs. Motivated and paced by the music they love, users can attain and exceed their workout goals.


“PaceDJ takes a personalized approach to recommending songs for exercise pacing,” said William Turner, CEO and founder of Pacing Technologies. “Personal variations are very important when syncing steps, strides or rotations with music tempos. We recognize that each person’s height, gender, age and fitness level influence stride length and pace. These factors are taken into account when suggests songs based on BPM.”


With extensive research and testing, PaceDJ was designed to recognize typical BPM ranges for running, walking and cycling. The patented technology makes song recommendations based on common BPM ranges and then further customizes these recommendations using information that users provide, including their desired exercise pace/tempo goals, exercise intensity, gender, age, height, and fitness level. The result is a BPM target pace/tempo estimate unique to – and further customizable by – each user. The user is in control and can easily modify the target pace to hone in on the most suitable BPM.


The PaceDJ Android running app is available at for $1.99 and the Apple iOS version for iPhone and iPod Touch is available at for $1.99. To learn more about PaceDJ and experience the music discovery service, visit

About Pacing Technologies, LLC
Pacing Technologies, LLC, based in San Diego, CA, offers PaceDJ, a patented web service, an Android running app, and an iPhone running app designed to pace runners, walkers, and cyclists using music. William Turner, CEO and founder of Pacing Technologies is a former collegiate runner with experience developing new business opportunities in the consumer electronics industry.


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